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Dr. Grant Cettie

"I am a Board Certified Podiatrist and have been practicing for over 20 years in Wichita Falls, Texas. I specialize in helping peoples feet feel better. I treat Ingrown Nails, Heel Pain, Hammertoes, Corns, Plantar Warts, And Many More Foot Related Issues. I take pride in being the best at what I do without compromising. That means I listen carefully to my patients complaints and take the time to fully understand what is needed to diagnose and gently heal their problem. I have the surgical confidence and experience to make sure that the best possible outcomes will occur. I custom make my own orthotics as I have been specially certified and trained in this exclusive field by the Podiatrist for our Olympic athletes. High tech imaging via diagnostic ultrasound is also used to measure the severity of certain foot and ankle conditions. My electronic medical software can be used to share your information quickly and securely with other doctors, labs, and hospitals to ensure that you receive the best treatment possible."

What is Podiatry?

Podiatric medicine focuses on diagnosing, treating, and preventing Foot And Ankle Problems, Such As Plantar Fasciitis. Your podiatric physician (podiatrist) is highly trained through years of study and clinical practice, including a bachelor’s degree program and four years of podiatric medical school. In addition, podiatrists often have one or more years of residency training to study foot care and surgery in greater depth. Once in practice, podiatrists continue to stay informed about the latest research and developments in the field. In treating your feet, your podiatrist may also work with your other health care providers to give you appropriate and comprehensive care.

Patient Testimonials

Brandon B.

"I had to get a procedure done on my toe and I couldn't be happier with the way everything went from front office to the skilled Dr Cettie. Hopefully I won't have anymore problems, but if I did I would surely come back here and recommend anyone of my friends and family"

Alex I.

"I played soccer all throughout my life and never had issues with my feet. I recently tried to get back into running again to stay in shape but I could barely make it half a mile before they started to really hurt. Dr. Cettie recommended a different type of shoe and the problem was fixed like magic. Highly recommended, professional and exceptional!"

Evan C.

"Dr.Cettie is the most gentle podiatrist around. Nothing scares me more than the idea of an injection in the foot, but Dr.Cettie has incredible techniques that make everything as comfortable as possible."